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Dezhou Gesheng Wire Netting Factory

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Stucco Netting

Self-furred zinc coated galvanized steel woven stucco netting is designed for use as reinforcement for cement wall systems. Our 1" (25.4mm) hexagonal mesh is formed with a reverse twist of 20 gauge (0.89mm) galvanized steel wire. 1" 20 stucco netting is furred at 3 inches (76mm) and 6 inches (152mm) on center horizontally and vertically, respectively.
Hexagonal woven wire netting is specially for exterior wall coatings, can be supplied with paperback or not.

Paperback Netting for Stucco:
1 1/2" x 17 gauge, zinc coated, galvanized woven wire Paperback Stucco Netting is made for building as reinforcement wire materials for cement, gypsum plaster, masonry veneer and ceramic tile. 1 1/2" (38mm) x 17 gauge, 1/4" self-furring woven wire in rolls, hexagonal mesh is formed with a twist of 17 gauge (1.38mm) galvanized steel wire. Paperback Stucco Netting is furred at 6" (152mm) vertically.
Architectural stucco netting and reinforcing wire building product are available in various sizes and materials.

Non-furr Stucco Netting
Paperback Netting, Galvanized Woven in Rolls
Paperback Stucco Netting
Woven 17 gauge /Building Paper Backing
Self-furred Stucco Netting
Stucco Netting 17G, Galvanized Woven
Stucco Netting 20G, Glvanized Woven

Stucco mesh Sheets

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Add: Beichen Road, Economic Development Zone, Lingxian, Dezhou, Shandong Province, China
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