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Electrified Netting Fence

An electric fence offers an easy-to-manage system of animal control. They are a highly-efficient way of controlling all kinds of animals and livestock.
 Most importantly, they offer a range of other advantages over traditional fence products – including:

An electric fence is cost-effective when compared to traditional fencing products (link to compare fences). Additional benefits include the fact that:
The electric fence lasts longer because animals are reluctant to touch the tape. The lifespan should be significantly longer than barbed wire alternatives.

An electric fence is easily installed and very portable. This allows you to use it flexibly for a whole range of livestock or animal needs. For example:
Easily separate individuals or large groups of animals.
Protect vulnerable trees and rivers, or keep animals from straying onto the road.
Use them for sophisticated pasture management techniques. Well-managed electric fence systems can assist with issues such as even manure distribution.

Because an electric fence offers a strong deterrent, you are less likely to cause damage to your animals or livestock.

electric fencing netting replaces more permanent woven wire field fence (aka hog wire, American wire, Page wire, mesh wire, and net wire) at much lower total costs. Other uses include temporary and portable fencing for rotational grazing (aka controlled grazing & intensive grazing), fencing for the control of alpacas, llamas, horses, ponies, cows, cattle, calves, swine, cats, dog pens, and protection from all kinds of wildlife and animal pests, especially for gardens.


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